Our project seeks support in different ways:


We receive requests from people who would like to be guided through the building. We would first explain the project to those who are willing to act as guides for the building. The dates can be arranged bilaterally. The visitor groups can pay as usual (approx. € 30).


Keep open

We are looking for people who would like to open the house at fixed weekly times until 15th of October and, if they are interested, again from 1st of April 2020 and are there for the visitors. We would like to introduce you to the building first, so that you can answer questions about the project.


The open space is currently very rough. Who wants to plant or sow something and take care of it? We already have an idea which seeds would be good in the area, but in the raised beds and other areas there is a lot of scope for design. Basically, it makes sense to use plants that can cope well with their location and climate and require little maintenance.


The house is standing, but a house needs care. We would like to treat the facade and the sanitary rooms with linseed oil to protect them from the weather and water. 



A few things need to be optimized. The water connection still needs an insulating housing for the winter and in the toilets we would like to provide in each case a ventilation opening. Who would like to do such woodwork?


We need money for material such as seeds, oil, components, printing of information material, etc. Every donation is welcome, a donation receipt is possible.


If you want to join in, please write to:

A project by the University of Kassel in cooperation with constructlab, the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, the Werkbund Sachsen-Anhalt and the company Wilkhahn.